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Data Science Application in Education

Quite a number of industries have witnessed a significance amount of progress after adopting the use of data science.

In this article, we are going to look at how schools can also apply data science to solve specific problems and improve the experience of students and teachers.

  1. Improve Adaptive Teaching

The way students learn varies which is why specific learning method cannot be adopted in a classroom. But with big data, teachers can easily implement adaptive learning techniques. Big data tools help teachers to teach students according to their abilities.

  1. Student Assessment

Since you can track the test scores of each student, the student performance can easily be accessed. With this information at hand, you can make changes that will be of benefit to the student. If a student’s performance declines, big data can help the teachers determine the cause of the problem. The ideal use of these data is for teachers to take the results and modify their strategies for future lessons.

  1. Parent/Guardian Engagement

Students’ performance can be tracked and evaluated by their teachers. Parents as well can use this information to help resolve any issues that may be affecting their child’s performance. Most importantly, educators and families should understand that there is nothing more informative than the data collected over the years. It may trigger significant positive changes in the educational system that will lead to a decrease in public costs and an improvement in the overall levels of knowledge children have.

  1. Teachers Assessment

Big data makes it less tasking for administrators to monitor and assess teachers.  You can now determine which methods and teachers are most effective and this can also help to know the strengths and weaknesses of teachers during performance evaluations. Majority of the schools worldwide do not maximize the wealth of data they have at hand. For example, these data could serve as a fundamental basis for a comprehensive social, economic or demographic research at the local level.

  1. Improve School Organization

Big data and analytics can be used to improve how an educational institution organizes logistics, human resources, and business operations. Education is a complex field, and before taking any big data analytics action, it is important to evaluate the analytics models and understand in which context they do not work or provide invalid information. However, challenges and problems should not prevent the adoption of learning analytics. Instead, they should shape the way for the use of data science in Education.

Final Thoughts

There are many other ways by which data science can be applied to improve learning standards. Efforts should therefore be geared towards providing resources that will make this possible.

Source: https://www.devsaran.com/blog/use-data-science-education

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