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Digital Technology: A panacea to youth unemployment in Nigeria

One of the problems Nigeria is still battling with is youth unemployment. Every year thousands of graduates are released into the Nigerian labour market without the assurance of getting a job.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), 1 in 4% of Nigerians is unemployed, while 1 out of 3 Nigerian youth (15-35 years) are unemployed. Generally, Nigeria’s unemployment rate is 33.3%, while the youth unemployment rate is 42.5%. These statistics are clear indications that many Nigerians are unemployed.

Unemployment breeds social problems like crime and poverty, a popular saying goes thus. “An idle mind is the devils’ workshop” when a man has nothing to do, dirty thoughts will set in. This is the case of so many unemployed youths in Nigeria today who result in crimes to survive, and this is why there are increasing cases of crimes such as cybercrime, car theft, armed robbery, gambling etc.

Despite the problem of unemployment in Nigeria, Digital Technology is projected to help bring down the figures of unemployment in the country.

According to Jobberman, Nigeria’s digital sector will create 3 million jobs by 2027. with the progress of things in our society, it is clear that there is a growing trend of digital technology all over the world.

What is Digital Technology?
Digital technology is a broad concept that involves the use of technological devices, hardware and software systems that generate, store and process data.

According to Wikipedia, Digital Technology refer to the Application of digital electronics, Any significant piece of knowledge from information technology.

Why is Digital Technology a panacea to youth unemployment in Nigeria?
There is a shift in the labour market today, specific digital skills are required to get you a job.

One of the reasons why Digital technology is a solution to unemployment in Nigeria is because the demand for digital skills is on the increase, gradually the usual jobs are adopting digital technologies as a work approach and only those skilled in that field will be employed.

In a nutshell, digital technology creates jobs because of its relevance to human development.

Rapid advancement in technology across various sectors such as businesses, governance provides a wide range of opportunities to youth in the country because digital technology improves productivity, and so many companies are jumping on the trend.

Digital technology has taken all over the world with the rapid establishment of different businesses, through technological advancement, examples are flutter wave, jumia, etc. when there are available businesses there will be jobs for the teeming youths in the country.

There is a growing trend of youths in the country pushing to acquire the right skill set to help improve their chances of getting a job.

Nigerian youth needs to know that digital technology is a space to tap into because there are so many opportunities enshrined in the sector.

Types of Digital Technology skills youth can learn
• Data science.
• Artificial Intelligence.
• Machine Learning.
• Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
• Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
And many more.

Learn a tech skill today, there is an increase in demand for tech skills. Do not be left out.

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