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How My Transition Into Tech Changed My Life -Sophia The Tech Girl

How My Transition Into Tech Changed My Life -Sophia The Tech Girl
In December 2018, I got a call from my uncle who resides in the UK. While my phone was ringing I was reluctant to answer it because uncle Chima would begin with his serious conversation🥴

I finally answered his uncle after ringing twice.

When I answered back, the first thing he said to me was, ” Sophia, how’s your Tech life?” I was like, Why is this man asking me such a question? I was taken aback. Anyway, I responded Sha by saying, “Very well, sir.” In my mind I was “Thank God I can use a computer it is still tech Nah so did not lie.

The next thing he said was Sophia do you know that there is an exponential increase in the demand for people with tech skills? I answered I know sir (me that don’t know)… Uncle continued to talk, in my mind, I was like baba “mafejo pami nah”, meaning baba don’t kill me with talk 😂😂…

In uncle’s baritone voice: Sophia I need you to transition into tech. Ohh, I didn’t mention this, I was in my final year in UNILAG studying sociology at that time.

Let me continue.

When my uncle mentioned transitioning into technology, I was puzzled because I wasn’t sure what my next step would be after graduation and besides I was not a science student. Then I felt tech was only meant for science students.

Phone Beep: Uncle Chima sent me a screenshot of the top ten tech skills that I can learn. He then said to me look into this and get back to me ASAP, as a 9ja girl, I was already tired of the whole conversation, and my final response was alright sir. (Loudly)

(Phone drops)

Guess my next move?

I went straight to Instagram to catch cruise 😂😂

After 2 days, I revisited my conversation with uncle Chima on WhatsApp and I did as he instructed.

After my research, I was wowed. So I have been sleeping on a bicycle 😂😂…..and SAPA is holding me 😂😂

While I was researching, I got interested in Data Science.

Let me cut the long story short and move to the sweetest part.

How my transition into Tech changed my Life

Anyways my transition into tech began that day I revisited my uncle’s chat.

But it wasn’t all that easy, thank God for my uncle and tech mentors around me and I also did a lot of research like I was writing a Ph.D. Thesis.

The bold step I took is unarguably one of the best decisions I have made in my life… After graduating from school I enrolled in data science courses and I bagged some data science certifications.

I got my first job in data science immediately after my NYSC, I didn’t have to sit at home looking for a job.

From just a phone conversation with my uncle chima, and my dedicated decision to transition into tech, my life has changed for good…..

I presently work in one of the top firms in the country.

I think I am living my best life.

You can guess how much I am earning, see a story for another day.

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