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How to Afford College Study Abroad Programs with Scholarships & More

‘Study abroad’ definitely seems to be a lucrative plan for every student because the reasons to study abroad are always appealing. There could be hardly anyone who will not be interested in the exciting study abroad programs where they can explore a new country, get the most out of the high-end academic facilities available over there, and make their future bright.

However, what comes as the biggest obstacle in their path is the expense. Often, it becomes just impossible for students to opt for the study abroad programs without a valid and effective financial source. Here, the excellent but competitive study abroad scholarships plays a major role.

How to afford to educate yourself abroad with such thrilling study abroad programs for college students?

Take a glimpse of the following amazing tricks:

  • Do an extensive research

Just mentioning, ‘do the research’ won’t be enough. When it comes to studying abroad scholarships then the more you will apply for, the better financial aid you will get. Get started with browsing through the GoAbroad’s Scholarship Directory. Also, there is a myriad of other resources to explore the current study abroad scholarships. One of the best ones among them is NAFSA.

Also, keep in mind to apply for various location-specific grants based on the study abroad program that you’ve opted for. Next, it is even a smart idea to look for program-specific scholarships, subject-specific funds and so on.

  • Explore affiliate programs

The study abroad programs for college students are not limited up to the scholarships only. You can rather opt for effective affiliate programs like ISA, IES, SIT etc. If you could avail such a program then you will be charged far less than the standard university tuition fee. Howbeit, it all depends on your school’s study abroad policies. If your luck supports you, you will just have to pay for the affiliated study abroad program directly and it might end up to be a pretty cheaper option for you.

  • Opt for the city with a low cost of living

As the International Education Exchange has reported, only 4% of students studied in Europe but the number of students who had chosen to study in other continents increased immensely. As such parts of the world aren’t laden with high price tags of everything, life seems to be quite budget-friendly. Also, you don’t have to look for a scholarship worth huge while opting for a study abroad program for college students over there. You just have to attain a mediocre range of academic scholarship and that’s it.

  • Go for direct enrolment

Getting a direct enrolment is one of the smartest ideas in order to save money while studying abroad. In fact, such a potent option could be one of the best reasons to study abroad comfortably. If you enroll in any foreign university for a semester, you can really manage to pay immensely less.

Just look up the university classes that are being offered by different study abroad programs. In the second step, contact such universities directly and check out with them that whether you can enrol yourself for one semester and temporarily leave your school. Believe it or not, it can finally let you end up saving massively.

  • Mark the dates

If you are planning to apply for one or a couple of studies abroad programs then it is pretty sure that you have to apply for multiple scholarships if you are not funding your study by yourself. However, it could be a pretty tedious task to keep a track of the deadlines and application requirements of the scholarships.

Hence, it is pretty obvious that nothing is going to work out rightly for you unless you are marking the dates well. Make a calendar customized only for your study abroad scholarships and it will be a great help for you. Staying organized is really a crucial step while applying for scholarships to study abroad. It might seem to be a very obvious thing to know but you can’t really think to afford a study abroad program if you forget this to do, in any case.

Are you up for the much-awaited study abroad program?

Keep the aforementioned tips in your mind and you will definitely be able to afford that without any financial hassle.

Good luck!

Author Bio:-

Lyuthar Jacobs holds a passion for writing blogs on travel, lifestyle, and money-saving. There is nothing that can pull him away from looking for something new and exploring the unique holiday destinations. He believes in being practical while traveling. Here in above sharing information about how to afford college study abroad programs.

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