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Reasons Why You Should Learn Data Science And Get Certified

I have often wondered how life after graduation would unfold after considering the present economic downturn we are currently experiencing in the country. Some of our lecturers had told us that some individuals would worry after graduation when they do not have jobs already waiting for them. One of Professor John’s reasons is that the job market was shifting and that, for many, it might be difficult to find gainful employment after graduation. My fear was even more heightened after reading a report that showed that it takes more than half of graduates at least two years to find their first post-graduation jobs.

‘According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), 1 in 4% of Nigerians is unemployed, while 1 out of 3 Nigerian youth (15-35 years) are unemployed’

With the mind-blowing seed funds generated by most Tech Startups these days, many of my classmates began searching for opportunities to switch careers into tech after graduation.

Technology has influenced virtually every industry in the world today and has made tremendous progress within a short period. Every second, you experience something that involves technology in your surroundings, such as ATMs, credit cards, vending machines, and even electricity. We can all agree that technology is at the heart of several aspects of life that make our lives easier and better.

This exponential increase in technological advancements has created windows of capital opportunities. People worldwide are making upwards of Fifty Thousand Dollars annually in the tech industry. Startups and more established corporations have grown to where the demand for jobs in Data Science, AI, Software development, UI/UX design, and Machine Learning are increasing. However, people often lack proper career counselling on effective entry into the ever-growing and productive tech sphere. Which brings forth the question of How Do I Go About Switching Into A Career In Tech?

Switching into the tech industry comes with endless career opportunities and options. You can easily register for courses to get started. One of them is to take up a career in Data Science at Rise Networks that can help you achieve your ambitions and goals and ensure a smooth transition. It is vital to know about the various steps involved before switching fields.

Research has also proven that ongoing disruptive digital transformation has reiterated the need for organizations to leverage data for business growth. It has created career opportunities for both tech and non-tech-inclined individuals.

The knowledge of identifying and analyzing data to deliver meaningful insights for business decision-making is pivotal for organizations interested in adopting digital strategies in this era of digital disruption. Organizations’ desire to remain indispensable and at the centre of their customers’ minds has made them continually seek expertise and strategic contributions from Data Science Professionals.

Data Science professionals are among the most sought-after jobs globally. It is one reason why getting certified as a Data Science professional is necessary to kickstart your journey. You can go about this through the following steps:

1. Click the link on our Bio to view a catalogue of our bespoke training.
2. Send an email to info@risenetworks.org to discuss with our career service consultant to see which course resonates with you.
3. Finally, enrol to get certified.

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