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How Rise Networks Led Nigeria into the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In 2019, Rise Networks spearheaded Africa’s journey into the Fourth Industrial Revolution with an innovative program, THE WORKPLAN which was held on Tuesday, 17th December at The Pistis Hub, Lagos, Nigeria.

With the anticipation of an annual influx of 11 million youths into the labour market for the next decade, the initiative addressed the imperative to prepare the workforce for global competitiveness in the face of increasing automation.

THE WORKPLAN serves as Africa’s premier private sector-led collaborative platform, bringing together policymakers, the private sector, academia, tech enthusiasts, and young people. The primary goal is to formulate a practical blueprint for developing both formal and informal skills crucial for job creation, economic growth, and global competitiveness across various sectors.

The Work Plan


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Some of the major highlights of the epoch-making event are:

THE WORKPLAN 2019 welcomed 1500 participants and 36 industry leaders from across Nigeria. While attendance was free, registration was mandatory and could be completed on

The program enjoyed sponsorship from influential entities such as The World Bank, Interswitch, GIZ, Africa Development Bank, Canon, Bank of Industry, and The International Labour Organization.

Rise Networks is committed to translating the outcomes of THE WORKPLAN 2019 into tangible actions. One notable initiative involves collaborating with stakeholders to introduce Data Science-related subjects like AI, Advanced Analytics, and Machine Learning into the curriculum of six tertiary institutions, ensuring students acquire skills aligned with market demands upon graduation.

Rise Networks plans to collaborate with stakeholders in the public, private, and development sectors to implement the anticipated outcomes.

THE WORKPLAN 2019 is not just an event; it’s a strategic initiative shaping the future of work in Africa, positioning the continent to thrive in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Work Plan

To get involved in The Work Plan, you can stay informed about upcoming events, initiatives, and opportunities by visiting our website. Additionally, you may explore partnership possibilities or attend relevant sessions to actively contribute to the collaborative efforts shaping the future of work in Africa.

Absolutely! Organizations interested in collaborating with Rise Networks for The Work Plan can reach out through the provided contact channels on our website. We welcome partnerships that align with the goals of The Work Plan and contribute to the collective effort in preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Participants can expect tangible outcomes such as the development of a practical blueprint, policy recommendations, and skill development initiatives. The collaborative nature of The Work Plan ensures a diverse range of perspectives, leading to comprehensive solutions for the challenges posed by the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The frequency of events and sessions may vary, but The Work Plan is committed to providing regular opportunities for engagement. Stay updated on our website and social media platforms for information on upcoming events, discussions, and collaborative sessions.

The Work Plan recognizes the value of global perspectives. International participants interested in contributing to the dialogue on the future of work in Africa are encouraged to explore collaboration possibilities and engage in relevant discussions.

Individuals can stay informed by regularly checking our website for updates, subscribing to our newsletter, and following our social media channels. These platforms provide real-time information on events, publications, and opportunities related to The Work Plan.

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