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Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) Scholars Program 2018 for Students from Developing Countries.

Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) Scholars Program 2018 for Students from Developing Countries

Deadline: April 1st, 2018

The Wells Mountain Scholars Program is now open for applications. The Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) provides education scholarships to highly motivated and ambitious youth pursuing undergraduate degrees in regions with little or no financial resources. Since 2005, they have supported more than 175 students worldwide.

Wells Mountain Initiative works to create social change through education and community building by providing bright young people in the developing world with student scholarships and skills training, building a network of grassroots leaders who are catalyzing community transformation. They believe that funding education locally will encourage and allow students to make an impact in their communities. Their Student Scholars pursue degrees in various fields, including medicine and health sciences, community development, education, law, agriculture, social work, business, information technology and engineering.


The Ideal Candidate – A student, male or female, from a country in the developing world, who:

  • Successfully completed a secondary education, with good to excellent grades
  • Will be studying in his or her country or another country in the developing world
  • Plans to live and work in his or her own country after graduation
  • Has volunteered prior to applying for this scholarship and/or is willing to volunteer while receiving the WMI scholarship
  • May have some other funds available for his or her education, but will not be able to go to school without a scholarship


Applications from qualified applicants will be accepted until April 1, 2018. Before applying, we strongly encourage you to read the WMI Scholars Program Information Flyer and also the Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Scholars document. These two documents will assist you in determining your eligibility and guide you in the application process.

The following are required elements for an application to be considered complete:

  • Clear personal photo
  • Two essays (topics are stated on application form)
  • 2018 application form
  • Personal essay statement
  • Two recommendation letters*
  • Official transcript of grades from secondary school
  • Official grading key to interpret grades**
  • Official transcript of grades from tertiary studies (if applicable)
  • Official grading key to interpret grades**
  • Official results from your national exam
  • Official grading key to interpret scores on your national exam**


The following are suggestions to enhance your scholarship application:

  • Become a member of a community service group and record all of your service activities (dates, activities, time spent, photographs, etc.)
  • Collect your secondary school transcript, national exam results and grading keys to interpret your results
  • Request two letters of recommendation on official stationery from two people who know you professionally/personally and can showcase the reasons you deserve this scholarship
  • Have all of your documents translated into English
  • Always apply to the WMI Scholarship with the current application form (If it is for the year 2018, apply only with the 2018 application)

The scholarship awards are determined by the board of directors of the Wells Mountain Initiative and awarded once a year. Applications must be received by April 1 of each year to be considered for the following academic year.  The selected WMI Scholarship recipients will be emailed on August 1.

If you qualify, now is the time to apply for this exciting opportunity!

Apply now.

For more information, visit HERE

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