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What is Big Data?

The term ‘big data’ is known as a large and diverse group of information that is growing increasingly, and this includes its increasing size and speed in addition to the amount of its increase, and even its diversity and multiple forms. According to a report by IBM, the world since 2012 to the present day produces about 2.5 quintillion bytes per day, equivalent to 2.5 terabytes of data.

Uses of Big Data 

Track locations

Some companies need big data analysis to track and report orders in the event of problems, with the presence of big data, the movement of goods has become easier and simpler, by making use of analysis dedicated to methods and meteorology to choose the most appropriate times to transport goods and reduce the risks that may occur due to weather factors.

Medicinal purposes

Hospitals and medical centres can use big data to provide complete care and follow-up 24/7 without the need to employ a person responsible for following up these patients and auditors, by analyzing and filtering patient data and knowing the condition of each patient with providing appropriate medicines for his condition, in addition to mitigating Diagnostic cases that rely on guesswork by doctors and build diagnostic cases according to analysis and statistics resulting from previous cases stored using big data. It is also possible to track the powers of medicines and changes that may occur to them, such as poor storage or exposure to heat.

Avoid fraud

Big data is used in the banking and financial sector in predicting and dealing with cybercrime operations, in addition to distinguishing between fake and original credit cards, by analyzing customers’ past data and knowing the movement of those cards from purchase and deposit, and it also contributes significantly to dealing with problems that may arise. For errors that may occur in banking services.



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