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The Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) Pan-African Scholarship 2018/2019 for Leadership Development Program (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: Ongoing

The Mandela Institute for Development Studies(MINDS)offers scholarships to African students whowish to pursue post-graduate studies within Africa, outside of their own countries. Through tailored leadership development activities, the MINDS Scholarship Program nurtures leaders who have a continental development mindset; leaders who will facilitate greater cooperation between African countries. MINDS Scholarships are applicable to full-time studies of a ontwo year Honors or Master’s degree at one of the MINDS preferred institutions in Africa. MINDS does not prescribe the course to be studied.


To be considered for a MINDS Scholarship, you must:

  • Be a national of an African country, residing in any African country;
  • Have been formally accepted by one or more MINDS preferred institution/s outside of your country of citizenship and/ or residency;
  • Have been formally accepted by one or more MINDS preferred institution/s to pursue postgraduate studies within the following year;
  • Have obtained at least 70% in each subject/ course in the last two completed years of study;
  • Produce evidence of demonstrated leadership abilities or potential guided by the questions/ requirements set out in the application form;
  • Submit a complete application form with the required supporting documentation as set out on the application form.
  • Individuals with a Pan African outlook, demonstrated leadership ability and an excellent academic record who wish to study elsewhere on the African continent, outside their home country are invited to apply for the scholarships.


The Scholarship covers some or all of the expenses below, depending on whether a partial or full scholarship is awarded:

  • Tuition
  • Accommodation and meals
  • One return ticket per duration of studie
  • A fixed stipend

1. Ensure that you meet ALL of the requirements set out and upload ALL of the required documents. Applications that do not meet requirements or for which all required documentation has not been provided are immediately disqualified. Don’t get yourself disqualified because you’re in a hurry to submit an application. Rather take the time to ensure that you meet the requirements and to gather all of the required documents before submitting an application.

2. We are looking for individuals with a Pan-African outlook, strong leadership potential and a track record of academic excellence. Your application must demonstrate these elements convincingly.

3. We encourage applicants to consider universities that are outside of South Africa. Most applications received to date have been for South African institutions and there are limited numbers that can be awarded to each university. This means that competition is stiffer for South African institutions.

4. There are two scholarships available for South African citizens wishing to study elsewhere in Africa.

5. MINDS have set aside scholarships for studies that relate to Actuarial Sciences, Business Sciences and Accounting. If you wish to conduct such studies at any of the South African, Kenyan and Nigerian institutions that are on our preferred list, don’t miss the opportunity to apply. Ensure that you meet the requirements before submitting an application.

6. There is no deadline for submission. Applicants – who meet the criteria – should apply as soon as they have all supporting documents needed submit the application. MINDS will review applications as they are submitted and aim to award scholarships per different university cycles on the continent.

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