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5 Free Virtual AI/Data Science Conferences You Can Attend In October 2020

In recent months, the novel coronavirus pandemic which vigorously set the world apart heightened the need for virtual conferences making it a new global reality. With online video-conferencing software like Zoom, virtual conferencing utilizes technology to deliver an immersive and engaging conference experience in an online environment. This offers the same learning, knowledge sharing, and …

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Data Visualization with Microsoft Power BI

In this course, we will explore different topics on Data Visualization with Power BI that impact decision making as a whole and affect the implementation of data-driven business policies. Price: N35,000 Duration: 2 days Available Seats: 20 slots REGISTRATION FORM [gravityform id=\\\”7\\\” title=\\\”false\\\” description=\\\”false\\\” ajax=\\\”true\\\”]

Data Science for Beginners ( Essential Foundational Concepts)

Our Introductory Data Science Program aims to introduce you to the core concepts, practical applications and foundations of data science. At the end of the course, you will be able to make use of large quantities of formless data to make and influence strategic growth decisions for your Business, Clients or Organization in any sector …

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The WorkPlan 2019

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